Central Bohemian Uplands and Lovoš

HISTORY of the Cottage on Lovoš The cone of Lovoš hill is a unique dominant of the landscape, rising impressively from Lovosice plane to a height of 570 meters above sea level. The top of the mountain, composed of basalt, is connected about 80 meters lower to another cone called Kybička, made up of phonolite. The view from the top of Lovoš on the panorama of the Bohemian Uplands, the Elbe valley and the town of Lovosice is splendid. This led in 1881 the Lovosice Uplands Club to the decision to modify existing and construct new access roads to the top of Lovoš.


The Club built a stone cottage with a view platform. This simple cottage with a later attached veranda survived good and bad times. In 1918 the cottage was badly damaged by vandals and set on fire. The foundation stone for the construction of the current cottage was laid in 1924. The main sponsor of the construction was the landlord Johann Schwarzenberg, as a marble plate on the southwest wall of the cottage informs. In its present form the chalet was built in three phases by 1930.


After 1945, the owners changed without performing any maintenance. It was as late as in 1977, when the building was transferred to the ownership of sports club of the Chemical Works Lovosice, the reconstruction started. With the contribution of many enterprises (especially SCHZ Lovosice ) and using volunteer workers the

cottage could be restored. In 1978 central heating was put in operation and finally on November 18, 1983 public mains supply was established using a 1.2 km long cable. In 1990 the Lovosice branch of the Club of Czech Tourists became the owner of the cottage. At present the Lovoš cottage offers two dining rooms of 60 sit places and a guest house with 16 beds.


More than a century of creating access to the Lovoš top and building hiker facilities was always connected with voluntary work of many nameless people of Lovosice town and region. The resurrection of the cottage in the seventies of the last century is still well remembered and many of us helped there. The aim was to provide people of this area a nice place to visit and show visitors a unique view of the Bohemian Uplands and Elbe river.